Compass4U is an Educational and Career
Counselling Agency whose mission is to empower
young adults to make well-informed and well-planned educational and career decisions.

In this day and age, it is often difficult to understand what you ought to do, to ensure success in your future career.
Educational and Career Counselling provides the necessary support and orientation, so as to enable you to make the right career and university decisions.

Career Decision-Making

We are here to guide and support you during your career decision-making process:

Our Counsellors:

01 Help you assess your personal skills, talents, interests, and personality through Personal Counselling and Career Guidance Testing (Ariston Test). 
02 Guide you in your general and major course selection at school.
03 Assist you with researching your options and identifying suitable or alternative career paths, university and programme of study that are right for you. 
04 Provide you with accurate and detailed information about different universities and courses offered across the globe. 
05 Support you with your university application process and with securing a place at your chosen university (read below for a full list of our university application services).
06 Help you trace suitable Language/ Foundation, Online-Learning/ Distance-Learning, Summer School, and/ or Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.
07 Guide you in making informed educational and career decisions, in setting short-term and long-term goals; and in developing a realistic career plan to achieve these. 


Career Guidance Test- “Ariston”

Compass4U Counsellors are trained to administer and interpret the well-known “Ariston Test.” The abilities, skills, interests and “fit” with particular professions identified by “Ariston”, guide to better decisions as to the educational and career options that you may follow.

More specifically, the Ariston Test can

01 Provide a reliable analysis of your talents, aptitudes, abilities, and personality features.
02 Identify your professional inclinations, employment options, and the types of work environment that are best suited for you.
03 Verify whether your current or proposed programme of study and/ or profession are compatible with your personality.
04 Help you explore alternative career paths that are fully compatible with your personality.


University Application Services

We are here to help you prepare and submit your applications, whether that is for language, foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate programmes of study.

Our Counsellors can help you:

01 Write your Personal Statement and CV.
02 Prepare for interviews.
03 Translate required documents
04 Find and secure accommodation.
05 Apply for Financial Aid (scholarships, loans).
06 Transfer from one university to another.
07 Network with students or alumni at your chosen university.


“We listen to you and support you in every step you have to take”