Employment services
Compass4U is an Educational and Career
Counselling Agency whose mission is to empower
young adults to make well-informed and well-planned educational and career decisions.

Compass4U runs a specialist Employment Services Unit, aimed at helping jobseekers locate and apply to available job vacancies (both locally and abroad). The Unit also specialises in the corporate recruitment and placement of work personnel for private employers and companies looking to fill in current vacancies and/or upgrade the quality of their staff.

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Our services include:

Corporate Recruitment Services

We recruit appropriately and highly qualified personnel to fill available vacancies located in Cyprus, in Europe, and internationally.

Compass4U’s recruitment agents offer specialised mass recruitment and executive recruitment services for employers and private companies.

More Specifically our recruitment agents:
01 Recruit and resource suitable personnel for position located in Cyprus and Europe.
02 Collaborate with reputable agents and companies in several European countries (Greece, UK, Germany etc.) in order to resource candidates for specific labour markets. 
03 Advertise and promote available vacancies.
04 Offer candidates job-specific training and preparation. 
05 Carry out initial screening of potential candidate pool and interviews. 
06 Create and assess candidate profiles using reliables psychometric tools.


Job Application Services

Licensed by the Ministry of Labour (Lic. Numb: 292), these services are focused on helping you find employment in today’s competitive labour market.

Our accredited Counsellors are here to:
01 Discuss work-related concerns or problems you might be facing.
02 Assess your personal skills and abilities using specialised psychometric evaluation tools.
03 Help you develop and strengthen the required skills (and techniques) that will assist you in finding suitable employment (e.g. interview skills). 
04 Help you create a professional portfolio (CV, cover letter etc.).
05 Carry out specialised job searches for vacancies within your chosen field of employment. 
06 Assist you in enriching your professional network.


ARISTON Recruitment Test (Psychometric Career Assessment Tool)

This is another specialised psychometric tool that belongs to the renowned “Ariston” series, which helps with the evaluation and assessment of current and/ or future employees.

In the current competitive labour market, the evaluation, selection and reassignment of personnel is all the more vital in producing a high-quality work force and thus a competitive company advantage.

Compass4U recruitment agents are professionally trained to administer and interpret the internationally renowned “Ariston Recruitment Test”. 

The Ariston Recruitment Test provides an accurate, measurable and reliable profile of future or current employees. More specifically, the Test assesses the quality, as well as the inherent characteristics of individuals and their suitability for integration into specific departments and specialised labour environments, as well as the selection of new executives.

The Ariston Recruitment Test can help individuals:

01 Measure and evaluate their abilities, skills and interests as a potential employee, in order to match them with suitable work environments, job specifications and roles.

The Ariston Recruitment Test can help businesses:
01 Evaluate, select and reassign personnel to suitable roles and tasks.
02 Measure job applicants on abilities/ skills such as Language, Mechanics, Emotional Intelligence, Decision-Making, Logic and Communication.
03 Reliably and effectively identify the most suitable candidates for specific vacancies’ requirements and descriptions.
04 Locate skill and ability gaps within employees/ departments that then may prompt the creation of appropriate and effective training programmes.

Who is the test aimed at:

01 Job seekers that are looking to assess and/or document their suitability for specific work environments and job positions.
02 Companies looking to recruit highly qualified staff.
03 Companies looking to evaluate and assess their current employees' abilities and skills.
04 Directors/ Managers looking to find suitable canditates for advancement or promotion within their company.

Test Results:
Results of the Ariston Test are collated and analysed by Compass4U's trained experts and extensive written feedback is provided to the appropriate department/ individual. As regards to individuals, scientific-based guidance is provided to help them find and follow the career path that suits them best. Businesses are informed and supported in decision-making, which can highly improve efficiancy and results.