• I just finished my degree and I do not know whether I want to continue my studies or work.
    Together with our Career Counsellors, you can explore, analyse and decide on what the right path or decision is for you given your personal and individual situation. Such decisions are often difficult, and there is nothing wrong with asking for or receiving professional help. Just as you could ask for a lawyer’s professional advice on a legal matter or a graphic designer’s creativity for a logo design, Career Counsellors can prove extremely useful in guiding you through the process of effective and purposeful career decision-making that is true to one’s own desires.
  • Do you have direct contact with universities?
    Yes, we have direct contact with more than 60 partner universities, institutions and colleges around the world, yet we are always open to helping you find or contact a different university-- as our highest of priorities are your needs. 
  • Can you support me with finding accommodation?
    Yes! We are always working on expanding our partners in order to facilitate you, and we already have collaborations that are meant to provide you with your best accommodation options. Even when such collaborations are not in place, we can support you by researching your options. 
  • I need your help but I am studying abroad or in another city.
    Distance is not a problem!
     We offer services in Nicosia as well as in Limassol (Cyprus), however we can also offer our services through Skype appointments-- which can be carried out in both English or Greek. You can contact us by phone or email to arrange a skype session whenever it is convenient for you.
  • What if I do not get my expected grades?
    Compass4U counsellors can support you in finding alternative options, a Language Preparatory program, a Foundation Year, or ways to improve your application before your studies begin. This always depends on the specific case; however, our aim is to find a way-- so do not despair!
  • Is it too late to prepare my applications?
    Despite university application deadlines, we always try to give our clients a wide range of options for their preferred studies and universities. Together with our counsellors, you can research and identify all your choices, so that you can find the program of study and university that best suit your needs and circumstances.    
  • When is a good time to start thinking about my university applications?
    Ideally, students should come to us when they are 14 years old, when their first career-decisions, such as choosing secondary school subjects, need to be made- based on their interests, priorities and needs.
    If you are 17 years old, in your last school year, or intending to start your studies with the next academic year, we suggest you come to us in early September regarding your applications and the preparation thereof (for your preferred universities and programs of study).
  • Can you support me in finding ways to finance my studies?
    Compass4U Counsellors can inform you about the scholarships that are available for you depending on where you live, as well as about the availability of student loans that would be of benefit to you.
  • Does Compass4U only help with university applications?
    Compass4U has three units: The Educational & Career Counselling Unit, the Personal & Family Counselling Unit and the Employment Services Unit. We therefore offer help with things ranging from personal statements, CVs, and different types of counselling sessions, to things such as job application services, corporate recruitment services and training services-- for all companies and professional individuals. 
  • What do Universities usually want?
    This depends on the country you are intending to study in, as well as the specific university and course you choose.
    Compass4U’s Counsellors are here to support you in finding a course and university that meet your needs and requirements and that are also in agreement with your academic standards.