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Compass4U is an accredited Educational and Career Counselling Agency whose mission is to empower interested individuals to make well-informed and well-planned educational and career decisions to guarantee a successful and fulfilling future

We are one of the few accredited Educational and Career Counselling teams (all of our staff members hold an MSc in Counselling or/ and Psychology).
We believe and adhere to a client-centred approach- always aiming to focus on what our clients want and need.
We offer the well-known Ariston Career Test, which identifies your skills, abilities, and interests, and suggests the careers that are most suitable for you.
We help you with applications in a wide range of countries.
We offer you support with any personal difficulties you may face through Personal/ Family Counselling.
We run an Employment Services Unit approved by the Ministry of Labour, to help you find employment in today’s competitive employment market.

In this day and age, it is often difficult to understand what you ought to do, to ensure success in your future career.
Educational and Career Counselling provides the necessary support and orientation, so as to enable you to make the right career and university decisions.

Compass4U aims to represent a wide range of institutions and universities: from different countries and regions within a country (with varying weather conditions, urban/ rural locations, etc.), and with different levels of fees, academic requirements, and so on.

Here are some of the universities we represent:




Compass4U provides specialist Personal & Family Counselling to help you address any problems you may be experiencing, and which may be hindering your studies, employment, or personal growth. 

Compass4U runs a specialist Employment Services Unit aimed at helping jobseekers locate and apply to available job vacancies (both locally and internationally) and also specialising in the corporate recruitment and placement of work personnel for private employers and companies. 

“Before coming to Compass4U, I thought I needed to know exactly what I wanted in order for the counsellors to help me… Once there, they not only informed me of all my options but also helped me organize my thoughts… First, they made sure I chose a programme and university that is right for me, and next they helped me submit a strong application to make sure I would secure a place- as I surely did!”

Ioannis Peristianis, 19

BA Audio Production, SAE Institute of Amsterdam, Holland, 2017

Compass4U helped me set my priorities and to make a firm decision about future employment paths and possible postgraduate degrees.”

George Kaoullas, 35


“Compass4U helped me secure a position at all the Dutch universities I applied to... They were really helpful as well as kind, and this made my experience with them not only extremely informative but also really enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Compass4U.”

Jack Panossian, 19

Bachelor in International Business Administration, University of Groningen, Netherlands, 2017

“Compass4U helped me decide what and where to study… With their help, I managed to secure a place in all 6 universities I applied to in the UK and in the Netherlands. One thing I really liked was that they really cared and were always there to answer my questions…”

Michaela Constantinou, 18

BA in Sport Studies, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, 2017

“Compass4U made the application process a much more positive experience for me... They were in constant contact with me, always giving me useful feedback and encouraging me… I honestly don’t believe I would have gotten the offers I did without them…”

Yiorgos Ioannou, 19

Bachelor of Music, Royal College of Music, UK, 2017

“We listen to you and support you in every step you have to take”