ILS English Language Training School
ILS English Language Training School (ILS) is an institute based in Nottingham England and is one of the region’s leading providers of quality all year-round English Courses. ILS offers excellent standards of course design, teaching and accommodation for both general and professional students wanting to learn English. The School’s highly qualified staff help provide students with modern and effective teaching methods that enable rapid development of all key language areas.
ILS aims to provide the best learning environment for its students. It has modern and bright classrooms, onsite computer suites, a private library, as well as a Language Café- where teachers and mentors are available to provide support to students. All of ILS’s English language programmes are tailored to the abilities and needs of students, whether that is IELTS preparation courses, summer courses for teenagers, or English support courses for businesses and professionals.
Apart from reputable educational and teaching facilities, ILS’s staff and academic welfare and management teams aim to support students with all aspects of their educational experience. Accommodation services are provided where students are able to book on-site private self-catering accommodation, private package deals with local hotels and guesthouses, or arrange stay with a host family, and organized airport pick-ups and transportation to the centre are also offered for international or younger students.
ILS Training Centre is within walking distance from Nottingham city centre and is also accessible on many of the main transport routes across the UK. Nottingham is a vibrant city with a cosmopolitan and dynamic atmosphere that offers numerous social, sports, tourist and shopping facilities for students to indulge in between classes- therefore making ILS even more desirable to individuals wanting to improve their English.

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