Compass4U is an Educational and Career
Counselling Agency whose mission is to empower
young adults to make well-informed and well-planned educational and career decisions.

Compass4U provides specialist Personal & Family Counselling to help you address any problems you may be experiencing and which may be hindering your studies, employment, or personal growth. Our aim is to help you find a balance between your various life-goals (e.g. education – recreation, personal -professional life), and to help you achieve positive changes and a sense of fulfilment in an environment of security and trust.

Through Personal Counselling, you are supported in an environment of security and trust, in order to successfully get rid of obstacles that prevent you from evolving. Personal Counselling can also help you tune in and realize your goals, as well as explore your alternative choices. The results of personal work with one of our Counsellors include greater self-confidence and self-esteem, increased self-awareness, more effective communication and healthier interpersonal relationships, better time management, more successful decision-making, and increased motivation to fulfil your goals. Our aim is to have a positive impact on your life through helping you achieve positive changes and a sense of fulfilment.

One of the most important alternating periods for a family is a teenager’s journey into and through adulthood. This period is filled with a multitude of tensions and changes, and parents are often unaware of their children’s many developmental stages. At times, as a result of such changes and the family imbalances that they bring, parents find it challenging to relate to their children, and children find it difficult to relate to their parents.

Our Counsellors can facilitate communication between parents and teenagers- and therefore between families as a whole, by assisting parents and young individuals to understand the developmental changes they are experiencing. Working with the family unit helps parents and their children to avoid misunderstandings and confusion, and to therefore gradually work on developing better and healthier relationships based on communication.

Our Counsellors may see students individually or along with their family, and can also provide support to parents as a couple, regarding issues faced by their children.

An effective family is one where family members deeply, sincerely, and genuinely enjoy being together, where they have a sense of shared beliefs and values, where they act and interact in ways that really work, based on the principles that govern all of life.
Steven Covey
“We listen to you and support you in every step you have to take”