Medical University of Pleven
The Medical University of Pleven is one of the five higher education medical institutions in Bulgaria. The University is equipped with new educational and therapeutic facilities and contemporary pre-clinical and clinical departments required for higher medical education, making it one of the leading medical institutes in the region.  The University also has its own affiliated University Hospital, which is considered one of the most modern treatment centres, as well as specialized clinics and research units, allowing students to experience state of the art teaching as well as exceptional vocational learning during their further education.

The Medical University of Pleven prides itself for its multicultural graduates. Being the first Bulgarian university to offer an English Language Medical Course, the University is extremely popular to international students wanting to study medicine at an affordable, reputable university without a language barrier. The University’s highly qualified and academically experienced lecturers guide students in gaining all the necessary knowledge and skills in order to become distinguished medical personnel.

Apart from its outstanding academic and scientific reputation, the University’s mission is to provide students with an all-rounded education that enables them to expand their social, professional and personal abilities during their journey into medicine. The University provides all its students with modern top-class accommodation as well as access to numerous sporting facilities and an indoor multipurpose sports centre. Students at the Medical University of Pleven also have the opportunity to join different extra-curricular clubs and societies free of charge, as well as to establish their own.

Pleven is one of the largest and most famous cities in Bulgaria and is located in the northern part of the country, lying between Bucharest (Romania) and Sofia. The city’s important role throughout history has made it a cultural hub for the surrounding region. Its friendly and hospitable atmosphere creates a “home away from home” for students, offering them numerous outdoor activities, a vibrant nightlife and an abundance of restaurants with a diversity of rich cuisines. Combined, all these factors make the Medical University of Pleven a perfect place to study.

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