University of New York Prague (UNYP)
The State University of New York, in cooperation with Empire State College, have founded “The University of New York in Prague” (UNYP)- a private establishment that offers students the opportunity to carry out a higher education degree recognised both in America and Europe.
UNYP’s vision is to offer impactful higher education and to provide students with personal attention and support through small-sized classrooms. The University strives to provide students with the necessary knowledge and mind-set in order to thrive within their chosen profession and become productive members of the international community.

The University offers a wide range of degree programmes and over 100 different courses all taught in English, and a choice between American 4-year programmes and European 3-year programmes. Additionally, UNYP highly encourages its students and faculty to contribute to the University’s research output and hence to its academic impact.

UNYP’S new, modern and well-equipped campus facilities and multicultural character make students’ experience both exciting as well as rewarding. UNYP’s campus is located in an upscale neighbourhood of Prague, a historical and cultural city and the capital of the Czech Republic. This means the University’s students not only have easy access to the city’s various beautiful attractions, but also to a wide range of social events within the vibrant city.

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