Avans University of Applied Sciences
Avans University of Applied Sciences, located across three cities in the southern part of the Netherlands, is an up and coming University looking to make a difference within higher education. Avans University strives to create graduates that are rooted within their social environment and are able to adapt and respond to the changing demands of the working world.
With over 24,000 students, Avans University offers over 60 different programmes of study that are tailored to meet the needs of students and to provide them with the best possible educational experience. Avans is distinguished for its programmes in Business, Asian and Latin Business, Cross-Culture Management, and Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology. Its programmes are offered in Dutch as well as English, with all English programmes being taught at the Breda campus, and with the duration of all programmes being 4 years. Most programmes include a compulsory internship semester (6 months) and a further study abroad semester module that provides students with the opportunity to carry out part of their studies at one of Avans’ partner Universities across the world (in Spain, Italy, China, as well as Latin America).
Avans University is constantly looking to improve and expand. It is therefore without surprise that it has been awarded as “the best major university of applied sciences” in the Netherlands. It is committed to upholding these high standards through high-quality teaching, education and research, in order to continue having a positive impact on the community and society as a whole.
Avans’ highly equipped campuses and its ideal location make student life at the University all the easier. The Breda campus, also known as the “Pearl of the South”, is a vibrant and bustling city with a large student population, therefore making students feel straight at home from the start. The city is located only 45 minutes from the dynamic city of Antwerp Belgium, which many students take day trips across the border to explore. Filled with bars, restaurants, festivals and an active nightlife, students at Avans University can carry out higher education while still enjoying an eventful student and social life. On the whole, Avans University of Applied Science is an ideal and popular choice for both national and international students wanting to carry on into further education. 

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