HZ University of Applied Sciences*
HZ University of Applied Sciences was awarded as the best multidisciplinary university of applied science in Holland in 2014, making it one of the most up and coming universities. HZ University is located in the city of Vlissingen, along the beautiful Zeeland coastline in the Southwest of the Netherlands. It is a relatively small university, with just over 4500 students and classes small in size, therefore allowing students to get a more personal education and interaction with lecturers.
HZ University focuses on making the student the forefront of its educational system, with its motto being “Where students matter”. Its modules are oriented around providing students with personalised study programmes that are custom built and flexible in order for them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for the challenging career ahead. The University aims not only to provide students with a strong academic expertise but to also embed professionalism and the ability of the graduates to succeed in a multicultural society.
With 7 Academic Faculties, HZ offers 26 English Bachelor programmes that are split into six semesters- each of which lasts 6 months, and two of which require students to carry out a work placement in a field relevant to their studies. The University only offers Bachelor programmes and is distinguished for its programmes in Chemistry, Water Management, Civil and Industrial Engineering, International Business and Management, and Vitality and Tourism Management. Other strengths of HZ University include that it is very easy for students to find internships for Water Management and Civil Engineering, since the University has developed collaborations with the government, and that it also has a high employment rate for Water Management, Civil Engineering and other related subjects.
From the moment students attend HZ University they are made to feel at home. With an active student community, welcoming staff, and numerous leisure activities and projects to be involved in- there is always something for students to do there. Lastly, as HZ is near the coast line and there are lots of tourists in the area, it is easy for students to find part time jobs during their studies; and it is also easy for them to find good and cheap accommodation.

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