Saxion University of Applied Sciences*
Saxion University of Applied Sciences is situated in the East of the Netherlands- with one campus in Deventer, another in Enscheda, and a third in Apeldoorn. These regions are renowned for their relaxed lifestyle and beautiful countryside and are only 1½ hours away from major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The cities the University is located in are home to over 26,000 students and include various cultural, artistic and entertainment activities, as well as historical town centres, striking architectures, and astounding parks- all of which Saxion students can enjoy during their studies.
Saxion University’s rich history supports the expansion and innovation of the University’s position in Dutch higher education, making it an important centre of expertise. The University offers numerous courses conducted in English, including Graphic Design, IT, Computer Science, Game Design and HR Management; has close affiliations with various international institutions, such as the University of Greenwich, U.K., and is generally a popular university for international students, who are therefore provided with a multi-cultural experience. Saxion University offers Bachelor and Master programmes in the areas of Technical and Environmental Studies, Business, as well as Intensive Preparatory Courses.

Through its focus on technology, Saxion University of Applied Sciences aims to position itself as an institution that provides opportunities to everyone by offering a wide variety of programmes and that is always improving its quality of teaching. Saxion’s aims to teach students how technology may contribute to the innovation of their future profession and offer solutions to societal challenges. It encourages students to initiate change through creativity, experimentation and strong personal leadership skills- and it offers an excellent opportunity for international graduates to apply to traineeships in companies or other institutions across the Netherlands, for a time period of 6 to 12 months.
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