Universitat International de Catalunya (UIC)
The Universitat International de Catalunya (UIC) is located in one of Europe’s most vibrant and popular cities, Barcelona. Barcelona’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, artistic culture, and remarkable architecture make it an ideal city for students wishing to carry out further education.
UIC is one of the most renowned universities in Barcelona, offering a highly-personalized education that incorporates innovative ways of transferring knowledge and experience.
Students at UIC are able to carry out a range of bachelor, master, postgraduate and double degrees that are offered in English. International students can also apply to a wider range of programmes that are available in Spanish, after completing a Spanish language crash course that the University offers. The University prides itself in being distinguished for its programmes in Architecture, Business and Economics, Medicine and Dentistry.
Through its state of the art teaching facilities and its unique educational and practical-based learning, UIC aims to equip students with strong skills and knowledge required within the current employment market. The fact that more than 88% of UIC students find employment after graduating is a testament to the university’s success.
Apart from academic excellence, the University encourages the full personal development of students by offering a wide range of sport facilities, free activities, as well as cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, and theatre productions.
Overall, UIC is undoubtedly one of the best places to study when considering the excellent education and unlimited benefits it provides. 

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