Birbeck University of London**
Birbeck University of London is a leading research University with a vibrant community located in the cosmopolitan capital city of London, with its main campus buildings set within the alternative Bloomsbury zone of Camden. The University prides itself in providing an alternative teaching structure for its students, and the majority of lectures that are taught across its 200 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are held in the evenings.
At Birbeck University students are given the opportunity to study at a world-class research University while they also work towards and achieve their life goals. The University is dedicated to supporting and enabling student diversity and wellbeing, as well as to helping them find work alongside their studies. It is therefore of no surprise that graduates from the University are highly sought after upon graduating.
Voted as one of the world’s leading research universities in the UK, with over 90% of its academics being research active, Birbeck University encourages staff and students to push the boundaries and involve themselves within their fields. The University also has its own professional in-house recruitment agency, “Birbeck Talent”, which works to help students connect with top employers for work opportunities and paid internships. Birbeck students are therefore fully prepared with strong work experience that allows them to smoothly move into the labour market.
Located in the capital city of London means that students at Birbeck University are part of the largest student communities across the globe. With access to the London underground, students are able to enjoy the unlimited activities, sightseeing, attractions, and nightlife that the metropolitan city of London has to offer. Even though the University does not provide its own student accommodation, private accommodation buildings are located close to all its main buildings, and students are therefore provided with private as well as shared accommodation at affordable prices.

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