Technical University of Sofia (TU)
The Technical University of Sofia (TU) is the largest technical university and one of the main educational research and production institutes in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The University is renowned for its programmes in the fields of engineering and technology and has modern laboratory facilities and state of the line equipment that offer students the opportunity to take a hands-on-approach to learning.
Studying at TU allows students access to the beautiful and historic city of Sofia, ranked as one of the most affordable capitals in Europe. The city is average-sized and easy to get around, and also has a lot to offer for a range of interests-- from a rich nightlife and beautiful coffee shops and restaurants, to quaint cinemas, green parks and cultural and historical hotspots. Due to the low cost of living and Bulgaria’s excellent weather (which is similar to Greece), students at TU are able to enjoy the vibrant city and live a great student life while still focusing on their studies.

The Technical University of Sofia strives to create specialized graduates by offering its students with quality education delivered by expert academic staff and which adequately prepares students to enter the world’s labour market. This is demonstrated by the fact that over 100,000 engineers have graduated from TU and have successfully found employment in their field, making the institute highly desirable for students wanting to follow tertiary education in the fields of engineering and technology. 

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