University of Chester
The University of Chester is a public university whose mission is to provide students with high quality education, skills, and motivation, in order to enable them to become highly employable graduates in a competitive job market. With over 150 years of history, the University strives to ensure an outstanding student learning experience and to help students develop into confident world citizens that are successful in serving and improving the global community within which they live and work.
The University takes pride in upholding its reputation for student satisfaction and teaching by focusing its investments in student and teaching facilities, and by fostering an environment that provides a more holistic learning experience. It is no surprise that the University ranks as one of the best performing universities for graduate employability in the North West of England.

Apart from academic excellence, the University of Chester believes that time at university is important for personal growth and development and therefore encourages students to actively get involved in both curriculum as well as extra-curriculum activities. The University has over 110 sport clubs and societies, bringing together students with similar beliefs, interests and hobbies. The University is based across six main campuses, five being in and around the city of Chester, and one being in Warrington, and it also offers high-quality, affordable and secure accommodation that suits the wide-ranging needs and requirements of all its students.

Voted as one of the prettiest and happiest cities in the UK, it is no wonder that Chester attracts students from over 130 countries. World famous for its shopping, historic city centre and the Chester Zoo, the most visited attraction outside of London, there is always something interesting or relaxing to do in Chester. The city’s numerous bars, clubs, summer music festivals and live performances further contribute to Chester’s rich student life.
Chester is located within an hour of both Manchester and Liverpool airports, making it easily accessible for international students, and it is also only a 2-hour train ride away from London.

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