Lund University**
Lund University is a non-profit public University, founded in 1666, and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Lund University is ranked 60th in the whole world and is the number one choice for international students from over 130 different nationalities. The University’s diversity and different cultural perspectives are therefore characteristics that are highly valued by employers globally.

Lund University offers over 100 Master's degrees taught in English, with very low tuition fees when compared to other English-speaking countries. Lund University’s exceptional academic reputation has been demonstrated through various awards, rankings, projects and innovations, such as the 2014/2015 QS World Rankings- in which Lund University ranked 60th in the world. In 2019, Lund University will be opening the European Spallation Source (ESS), an innovative facility for materials research responsible for research breakthroughs in Medicine, Transport and Communication, Environmental Sciences and Climate.
Sweden is the second most innovative country in the world, where revolutionary discoveries such as the Ultrasound, Bluetooth and dialysis have been made, all with their research roots at Lund University. Sweden is also home to the Nobel Prize and has also given rise to geniuses in the world of technology, demonstrated by the fact that it is the place where devices such as the pacemaker, the computer mouse, and computer applications such as Skype and Spotify were invented. The above show that Sweden is not only a safe and modern country to study in, but also one with the highest standards of living and a highly prestigious global reputation.
Voted as the best city to live in, Lund is a picturesque historical city with a modern twist. Lund has countless pubs and bars, museums, cultural and leisure activities, as well as various shops and restaurants. The Lund train station connects Lund to major cities such as Copenhagen, which is less than 1 hour away, Malmö, which is only 35 minutes away, and other beautiful destinations.

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