Johnson & Wales University (JWU)
Johnson & Wales University (JWU) is an American private university whose vision is to provide exceptional education that inspires professional success and lifelong personal and intellectual growth. The University is based across four vibrant campuses across the US, allowing students to choose not only the course that best suits them, but also the location and lifestyle that best meets their needs. The four locations are Providence (Rhode Island), Charlotte (North Carolina), North Miami (Florida) and Denver (Colorado).

Johnson & Wales University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across its campuses and is particularly prestigious for its Culinary Art Programmes, which rank as some of the best in the country. Each programme is enriched with experiential and work-integrated learning and small group classes allow students to have a more personal learning experience and participate in learning labs that stimulate real-world work environments. This not only maximizes student potential but also ensures that the University’s graduates are highly qualified and prepared to enter the labour market upon completing their studies.

With over 17, 230 students currently enrolled at JWU, the University embraces its diversity and its creation of a rich inclusive community. JWU also aims to provide students with an all-rounded student experience through opportunities to join sports teams and become part of the Wildcats team, which competes in college leagues across the country, as well as to partake in community and volunteering programmes, which allow students to further develop through their own personal interests and hobbies while gaining their degrees.

Whether it is the sunny beaches of Miami, the Rocky Mountains of Denver, the Southern charm and urban city of Charlotte, or the metropolitan thriving city of Province, each of Johnson & Wales’s campuses has its own character-- offering a unique experience to each of its graduates.

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