Klaipeda University
Klaipeda University specialises in four main faculties: Humanities and Education Sciences, Marine and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences. It also has its own study institute (i.e. Continuing Studies), research institute (i.e. Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology) and art academy.  As one of the most rapidly developing universities in Lithuania, Klaipeda University offers over 100 taught programmes, 21 undergraduate, and 15 postgraduate degrees of which are in the English language.
Klaipeda’s educational system strives to provide students with research-based modern knowledge and the opportunity to take part in research-based technological advancements in order to gain a holistic vocational and educational experience. Through offering high-quality education, the University aims to encourage students to become responsible, creative and entrepreneurial personalities.

The University prides itself in its state of the line facilities- all aimed at making the student experience all the more academically inspiring and personally fulfilling. Its facilities include over 60 research and training labs, library facilities with almost 500,000 academic journals, its own botanical garden, concert halls, training theatres, as well as a publishing house. 
Located within the seaport city of Klaipeda, it is with no surprise that one of the University’s aims is to be the leader in Marine Science and Technology. It has already established itself as a leading institute in the studies of Marine Environments, Engineering of Marine Transport, Hydrology, Oceanography, Port Technology, Port Engineering and Naval Engineering. The University also has its own research vessels (i.e. Mintis) and research training sailboats (i.e. Brabander) that students can use during their studies.
Klaipeda is the third largest city in Lithuania, and its rich historical heritage means it is surrounded by historical buildings and museums. The city is also developing a strong vibrant urban lifestyle, hosting annual festivals such as the Klaipeda Jazz Festival, the International Festival of Street Theatre and the International Short-Film Festival. Students at Klaipeda are therefore able to enjoy life by the sea while they also enjoy a contemporary cultural student life.

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