Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Fontys University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest Universities in the Netherlands. Despite its large body of students, the University structure focuses on creating small learning environments in order to provide its students with individualised education. Fontys’ mission is to achieve the highest quality of education that matches the high standards of tertiary level educational institutions across Europe.
Fontys University strives to nurture individual talent through supporting and challenging its students so as to encourage their developmental growth. All aspects of the University, such as the teaching, module structures and the curriculum, are therefore tailored to uphold this vision and meet the University’s ambitions. Students undertaking a degree at Fontys are provided with special study career supervision, and regular study progress reports and feedback to help guide their development; they can also partake in coaching and “buddy” learning systems that encourage them to cooperate and work together. Additionally, students are able to carry out work internships and placements as part of their degree to provide back to the community while they also gain valuable personal and professional experiences.
Fontys University offers over 100 different Bachelor and Master programmes in English, as well as German. It has two main campuses, one located in Eindhoven and the other in the small city of Verno, and it also has campuses in Rotterdam, Tilburg and Sittard. Each campus has its own strengths and orientations. The Eindhoven campus is an IT and Engineering campus, and Eindhoven being a technology oriented city with many engineering and technology companies, many IT students there find jobs easily during or after their studies. The Verno campus is Business oriented, and as all students there carry out the same modules during the first year, they can transfer into any specialisation they want for the second year, even if this is not the one they applied for. The Tilburg campus holds Event, Music and Entertainment Studies, and generally offers a very vibrant lifestyle. More generally, all of Fontys’ campuses provide teaching, educational, library and sport facilities, aiming to fully meet students’ every need, and they each have its own charm and character, making students feel welcome and helping them build memorable experiences. Lastly, the University makes sure there is accommodation for all its students.
Overall, the University’s proactive stance and future-oriented vision enables it to have a constructive impact on society. Students at Fontys are able to gain a holistic, broad and open-minded education while also being part of a large student community. Carrying out a degree at Fontys University of Applied Sciences is a choice you will not regret.

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